Chapter 348 Infinite Building Block

Chapter 94

“In short… only the chosen one can stop the Evil Scientist.”

All four of them entered the bar. The waiter poured a glass of water for Zhang Heng and Mei Nan, and the bald man repeated what he said before. It appeared that the main quest basically remained unchanged.

After remaining silent for a while, the Demon Butcher finally spoke up. “I never thought that the Evil Scientist would choose this path. For an unrealistic fantasy, he is willing to bet the lives of an entire city.”

“Even if there is only a ten-thousandth chance that his wife and daughter can be resurrected, he would still walk this path of no return without hesitation.” The bald man’s expression remained solemn. “This is probably a husband and a father’s obsession.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “But we all know the consequences of doing this. Once the space-time portal is opened, monsters would be attracted by it and enter our world. In the tragedy three years ago, all the master builders had to work together to save the city. We lost more than half our companions in that battle.”

The waiter also seemed to recall the tragic battle, and a hint of fear lingered in his eyes. “After the war, the Evil Scientist was so angry that he began to hunt down the remaining master builders. During that time, I heard he killed many of my old acquaintances. Rumour has it that once the Evil Scientist catches you, he would dismember you into pieces! He would finally hang your ass on the advertising board of Wanda Studios. It served as a bloody and cruel warning to the remaining master builders.”

“Uh… that’s actually Ninjago’s ass. Just two days ago, Ninjago, his girlfriend and me watched “Tiny Times” together. After we came out of the cinema, they broke up. I still remember Ninjago’s last words… ‘trash movie, eat my (BEEP]!’ I didn’t expect his wish to come true in such a way.” The bald man’s eyes were full of sadness.


“Yeah, that dangling ass scared a lot of people. So the rest of them chose to remain anonymous, just like me. By the way, I now help the boss sell liquor to rich women, and I’m actually earning more than before. But it doesn’t matter… forget what I said.”

“In recent years, our power has weakened, but at the same time, the Evil Scientist gets stronger day by day. His technology of cloning bionic humans has also made a major breakthrough recently. Now, he has an army. But we cannot just give up. What more, its all different this time,” said the bald man as he got rid of the sadness in his eyes. His gaze turned to Zhang Heng, and Mei Nan, who were beside him. “We have the chosen ones with us.”

“You’re right.” The waiter who was depressed at first heard those words and became excited again. “With the leadership of the chosen ones, we will survive this crisis.”

“Wait, we’ve been talking about this matter for a long time, but you guys haven’t mentioned who the Evil Scientist is,” frowned Zhang Heng.

The waiter and the bald man stopped talking and looked at Zhang Heng with their heads cocked.

“Well, I see now. I guess like the Demon Butcher and the Mobile Arsenal; the Evil Scientist is just a nickname.”

The bald man nodded, “Everyone who becomes a master builder will have a new and cool name. Don’t underestimate it; it’s the best representation of the master builder’s characteristics.”

“Yes, the characteristics are very important. Every master builder, in their own right, is an outstanding artist. We can build many things, but we all have our own specialties and weaknesses,” the waiter added on. “For example, my name is the Demon Butcher because my best creation is ‘the butcher.’ These are hell creatures created from the corpses of demons, equipped with amazing attack power and invulnerability, and a powerful tackle.”

“I am called a Mobile Arsenal because I am the best at making ammunition.” The bald man grabbed the ashtray on the table. He then picked up a toothpick box and a fork. His hands started twisting until it became a blur, and in the blink of an eye, a mini-missile appeared on the table.

“As for the Evil Scientist…” the bald man sighed, “He was originally our leader, and he was also the strongest, most creative, and most charismatic person among us. At that time, he was known as the scientist. His forte was to create all kinds of high-tech gadgets. The smart toilet bowl in my house is a gift from him. Oh my goodness, that thing is such a blessing. Every time I’m done using the toilet, a small detector would stick out. When the water hits my butt, I can feel my soul being cleansed! Did you know that it can even heat up the spot where it touches your skin? I once thought it was the greatest invention that humanity…”

“Ahem, stay on the right topic, Mobile Arsenal,” the waiter coughed twice and reminded him.

“Oh, sorry, I just remembered the good times when we worked together. You know, I come from a single-family. Although our age gap isn’t very large, he was like my father, and he means a lot to me. Of course, it’s just a metaphor,” the bald man sighed. “But later, the accidental death of his wife and daughter changed him drastically, turning him into the Evil Scientist. After he killed so many master builders… I don’t think I can forgive him anymore. So when I see him again this time, I will return the smart toilet bowl that he gave me. From then on, I want to have nothing to do with him.”

The waiter patted the bald man on the shoulder, comforting him.

“So what we have to do is prevent him from opening the space portal?” Zhang Heng asked.

“No, we have to close the space portal after he opens it and before the monsters are summoned. Timing is crucial,” the bald man continued, regaining his energy a little after being comforted. “I may not have made it clear before, but to activate the space portal, two things are needed: The quantum collider and the Infinite Building Block. Based on my understanding of the evil scientist, he should have installed the quantum collider in Canto Tower. It’s the tallest building in the city.”

“Why? Is there a height requirement to open the space portal?” “As far as I know, there aren’t any… but it is more compelling to put it at the highest place. The Evil Scientist has always been a man with a sense of ritual in his life. In fact, he’s still a little bit superstitious. We played a gacha game together before, and while we pulled the cards, he insisted on taking a shower before doing it. This is a very essential operation for him, and he will try his best to increase his probability of success. Unfortunately, we can’t sneak into Canto Tower and destroy the quantum collider now. I know that he must have prepared a backup quantum collider in case things don’t go his way. And we don’t know where that one is as well. In fact, the more important thing here is the Infinite Building Block. Without it, the quantum collider is just a pile of scrap. There is only one Infinite Building Block in the entire world!”