48 Hours a Day

Chapter 347 - Let Me Read The Manual

Chapter 347 Let Me Read The Manual

“So. You want to play the game again?”

Zhang Heng nodded, “I may have a way to help you clear the level.”

“I know you want that Grade-B game item, but… forgive me for being straightforward. Although Lego is just a toy, assembling it is actually challenging!” Even those who are extraordinarily talented won’t be able to become a Lego master in just three days. What more, we still have many side tasks to do. You don’t have much time to brush up your LEGO building skills.”

“Anyway, as you said before, the remaining uses of the key will be wasted if we don’t use it, so why don’t we try again?”

“If you insist…” Mei Nan shrugged.

Zhang Heng glanced at the watch around his wrist, “The time now is 11:15 at night. I’ll go ahead and do some preparations. Wait until 11:58 to send me the email.”

“Okay, what do you need to prepare?”

“I’m going to read a Lego manual.”



Although there was no time limit for the Master Builder Quest, there were three days for the players to move around. This world would be destroyed after those three days. The rules of time, however, did not apply to Zhang Heng. He noticed that the time flow rate of this quest was 480, which meant that if he counted the extra 24 hours he had, his time in this quest could reach a staggering 483 days, more than enough for him to improve his LEGO-building skills by a considerable margin.

Under normal circumstances, even extremely enthusiastic Lego fans wouldn’t spend more than a year assembling LEGO day and night. Although Zhang Heng had the extra time, it did not mean that he would spend all 483 days putting bricks together, not to mention that he was already living in a city entirely built by LEGO. However, the Grade-B game item was worth the trouble, and Zhang Heng was confident that he could overcome all those difficulties. After all, he had survived 520 days alone on a deserted island.

Zhang Heng used the remaining time to read up about LEGO on the internet, looking up as many videos as he could. It gave him a better understanding of the level of the top players in the world of LEGO.

Then at 11:58, Mei Nan sent an email to Zhang Heng. Closing the other web pages, he clicked on the link in the email.

When he opened his eyes again, he had returned to the South Station. It was still the same Lego roof, the same bakery, and electronic cards. The only difference was that Mei Nan was now wearing what she usually wore; a pair of jeans, sport shirt, and a Dodgers cap.

Since she didn’t need to go home anymore, she didn’t need to dress like a high school girl.

“How’s your LEGO tutorials going?”

“It’s not bad. I got to know that they just launched the “Overwatch” series.”

“…forget it. Let me take you to check out the difficulty of this dungeon.” Mei Nan sighed, “Come with me; I will bring you to complete the first side quest.”

“Don’t we need to get to Starbucks to meet that bald guy?”

“Don’t worry about him, that guy sticks around like a piece of chewing gum. Even if you don’t want to see him, he’ll pop out when the time comes. In fact, he should have spotted us already when we appeared at the train station. Anyway, he’ll spend some time to make sure that we are the chosen ones before he comes to talk to us.”

Mei Nan walked toward the subway entrance as she spoke. “Let’s go. It’s faster to take the subway to get to where we are going.”

After half an hour, the two came to a bar called Metal Rose. It wasn’t night and there seemed to be no one in the bar.

When they came up to the glass door, Mei Nan took the initiative to knock. After a short while, someone walked and spoke from behind it.

“Sorry we only open at 6 o’clock.”

“It doesn’t matter; we are not eating here,” Mei Nan said. “We are here to find the Demon Butcher.”

“Would someone really call themselves something so embarrassing?” Zhang Heng asked.

The waiter at the door also shook his head and said, “Sounds like a lame name to me. You should go to the anime city next door if you’re looking for those types.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that he is here,” insisted Mei Nan. “Tell him that the chosen one has appeared.”

The waiter’s face changed the moment he heard those words.

“Wait a minute.”

Less than two minutes later, he came back again. This time, his tone had become more respectful, “The Devil Butcher asked you first to prove that you’re the chosen one.”

“I was stuck in this side quest when I first came here,” Mei Nan said to Zhang Heng. Be that as it may, with her previous experience, she had become familiar with the quest, swiftly disassembling the parterre and bicycle by the roadside and put a motorcycle together.

During this period, the waiter looked at the timer in his hand. When Mei Nan finished her work, he stopped it.

“3 minutes and 24 seconds, not bad.” Then he turned his attention to Zhang Heng, “What about you?”

“Me too?” Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows.

“According to the rules, it’s enough for one person to prove themselves to the Demon Butcher. However, the Demon Butcher wants to see each of your potentials,” the waiter continued.


Zhang Heng scanned the surroundings and looked for parts that he could use. Soon, he squatted down and started to create something. He finished in a shorter time than Mei Nan, only taking him less than two minutes to complete the task. The waiter behind the glass door was taken aback, speechless, when he saw Zhang Heng’s creation.

“…What the hell is this? A piece of French bread with a fishtail? What was your previous occupation? An abstract artist or a performance coordinator?”

“In fact, this is a sword, and the fish’s tail is actually the grip.” Zhang Heng said.

“Uh… is it because my imagination is not good enough? But it doesn’t matter… the chosen one is here. Consider it a buy one, free one deal.”

The waiter finally opened the doors. “You are looking for the master builder, Demon Butcher? Congratulations, you found him. I am the one you seek.”

The waiter stood up straight when he spoke, but unfortunately, he didn’t manage to surprise them.

“After watching the same thriller movie a few times, it’s hard to be surprised by anything,” said Mei Nan.

“Are all the master builders in this world this arrogant?” Zhang Heng asked.

“Of course not,” someone replied in a solemn voice. “I am not that kind of person.”

The bald man appeared from behind Zhang Heng and Mei Nan, looking at them like a ghost. With piercing eyes, he said, “I finally found you, chosen one. The survival of this world lies on your shoulders.”

“Mobile Arsenal?” the waiter frowned. “I thought you died three years ago. I didn’t expect you to be still alive.”

“It’s not so easy for a Master Builder to die. Of course, except for those who actually died.”