Chapter 346 End of The World

Zhang Heng learned about the background of this quest from the bald man.

It was just like what he expected of a Lego game. The introduction of the main quest was crude and straightforward, where even kids could understand the bald man’s explanation. In short, in three days, an evil scientist would open a space portal on top of the tallest building in Guangzhou, the Canton Tower. He would then summon a monster capable of destroying Earth. Players from another world (the chosen one) had to prevent the monster from destroying the city. According to Mei Nan, there would be a lot of troublesome side quests, but all these served to complete the final quest.

However, Zhang Heng also noticed that his skills and game items were sealed in this quest, including his physical fitness. His strength and agility had become very different after turning into a Lego man. Zhang Heng initially speculated that the physical fitness of all the players who entered this quest would be standardized, thereby minimizing the advantages and disadvantages caused by those differences.

It meant there was only one crucial skill needed for this quest. “Building skills, you must use your building skills to save the world!” the bald man said with a serious look, before showing Zhang Heng a demonstration. He removed a leg from the couch. When mated to the TV and a nail clipper, he created a Gatling gun.

He then demonstrated how to use towels, soapboxes, and keychains to make grenades.

Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows, “Can these things really work?” “Of course.” The bald man nodded and placed the grenade in Zhang Heng’s hand. “Be careful; don’t pull the pin. In our world, you can use everything you build. Of course, you will have to learn the quintessence of the things around you. Only a very small number of people can do that. For these people, we generally call them master builders…” He coughed twice, “…and I happen to be a master builder. If you must become my disciple and learn my skills, I can consider it.”

“Thank you. I shouldn’t have any need to learn building skills for the time being.”

Zhang Heng opened the door of the house, bowing a little as a gesture of sending the guest off.

The smile on the bald man’s face froze. “Are you confident enough in your building skills?”


“Have other great builders approached you?”

“So… how will you and your companion plan to save the world?”

“I haven’t thought about it.”


A question mark appeared on the bald man’s head.

“Good night.”

Seeing that the bald man had subconsciously walked out the door, Zhang Heng went to close it. He now had a preliminary understanding of the main quest. Just like Mei Nan told him, the main quest of this dungeon seemed to be quite tricky, and the process was complicated. Besides, the final skill that was required of the players didn’t make much sense as well. This so-called building skill was only related to assembling Lego blocks.

In terms of practicality, it was far more inferior to the skills that he learned in the previous quests. Zhang Heng wasn’t too interested in this quest. It was better for him to spend some time exploring this world. He did this for the next two days, visiting the Changlong Wildlife Park, took a night cruise on the Pearl River, and tasted Cantonese breakfast. Although it was all technically Lego blocks, they tasted unexpectedly good. Finally, Mei Nan came to the hotel to find him in the afternoon of the third day.

“You’re done spending time with your family?” “Yes,” Mei Nan took out a bottle of cold mineral water from the refrigerator in the guest room, took two sips, and pointed to the direction of Canton Tower. About an hour ago, a beam of light went straight to the dome, and at the end of the beam, a huge air vortex appeared.

The peculiar phenomenon attracted many curious onlookers. They had taken out their mobile phones, taking pictures, and recording videos. Unbeknownst to them, a catastrophe was just near the corner. Reporters were also rushing into the scene to report this strange event. However, they were not allowed to enter the Canton Tower, where a bunch of heavily armed men wearing black guarded the entrance.

“The space portal has been opened, and the monster should appear in ten minutes. We should leave now.”

Zhang Heng nodded and put down the unfinished rice noodle roll in his hand.

“If you want to come back again, I can accompany you.”

“I don’t think I’ll be back here again,” Mei Nan shook her head.


“The key to enter this dungeon is a game item I own.”

“Block 300501?” Zhang Heng remembered the system notification when he entered the game.

“Yes, but I am not the only one who has the item to enter this world. As far as I know, there are a total of 24 game items that allow the players to play this quest. When you enter this world for the first time, the system will choose your favorite place as the starting place. That’s why I am here. For others, it may be somewhere else. We will play the game separately, and it can be either a single-player game or a multiplayer game The tasks are the same, but there can only be one winner. Once someone completed the game, the game items to enter this world will disappear from the other players. So, this is actually a competition.

“I did try to complete the main quest, but as I said, the difficulty of this quest is very high, and your success rate largely depends on your Lego building skills. But… Well, how should I put it? This skill is useless to most players. It is rare that players would spend their precious time practicing building Lego. I have been training on the skill for a month, but it is still LVO. Of course, there is another way where you can make use of the time flow in the real world to practice the skill. After all, three days here are only equivalent to nine minutes in the real world.”


“Although players can theoretically repeat this game, there is actually a limiter on the key to enter this world. After using it ten times, the key in your hand will become invalid. So, if you count the time need to fight the monster, a player only has 30 days in total. Thirty days is far from enough for you to be good enough to complete the game. Including this time, I have used this key four times. The bad news is that I just got a piece of new information. One of the teams has just recruited a Lego master, and they are very close to clearing the final stage of this dungeon. Therefore, I don’t think I can fully utilize the remaining uses of this game item.”

Zhang Heng frowned, “You wanted to complete this game because you wanted to use the remaining uses of this key to visit your parents and family. What about other people, why then would they be willing to spend their time and energy on what’s basically a useless skill?”

Mei Nan raised his eyebrows, “Because there is a rumor that there is a grade-B game item hidden in this world.”