48 Hours a Day

Chapter 340 - You Need To Do Better

Chapter 340 You Need To Do Better

“Thank you so much. It’s a total of 100 game points.”

In the hotel room, the uncle with beach pants threw a candy that was smothered with gastric acid into the soapbox beside him. He then pulled off his medical gloves and walked out of the bathroom.

“She should be fine for now. The wound on her stomach won’t affect her movement, and the scar will disappear after three days.”

“Will she return to her old self?” Zhang Heng asked as he looked at Peng Jiating, still lying unconscious in the bathtub. She was already dressed, and he had no idea how the uncle performed the surgery on her. Her abdomen had been cut open, but there was almost no blood on her, not to mention that it only took him fifteen minutes to stitch her back up.

One hundred game points was a tall order for most players, about four million yuan if converted into RMB. Zhang Heng thought the price was acceptable. After bringing Peng Jiating out of the room, Zhang Heng contacted the uncle. The two had agreed to meet at a hotel, where the uncle would deal with Peng Jiating’s condition.

“Don’t worry. Since I have collected your game points, I will make sure that makes a 100% recovery.”

The uncle wiped off the blood from his hands using a towel and pointed at the candy in the soapbox. “The reason why she was like that was because of this thing.”

“What is this?”

“Well, under normal circumstances, I should charge you another identification fee, but since we just made a transaction, and as it’s not the first time I have seen this item, I’ll give this information to you for free.”

The uncle with beach pants threw away the towel, opened a bottle of mineral water. He took a big gulp, sighing in satisfaction before speaking to Zhang Heng again.

“About that… have you heard of Leviathan?”

“Leviathan, the monster recorded in the Hebrew Bible?” Zhang Heng frowned.

“Yes. There is a description of it in the Book of Job. It is some kind of sea monster, and it looks like a crocodile. It had hard scales, sharp teeth, spikes on its abdomen, and can also spit fire from its nostrils. Something like that…”

“So she was targeted by Leviathan? Why?” Zhang Heng asked.

He still remembered what he saw in that room. Peng Jiating did look very similar to a Leviathan, except for her neck. Her face hadn’t changed; she couldn’t breathe fire and didn’t possess any pointy teeth as well.

“Because the Leviathan needs her to carry its next generation. Fortunately, you found out about just in time. If the hatching process went to her brain, I wouldn’t have been able to help her then.”


The uncle with beach pants scratched his inner thigh again.

“Leviathan is not only recorded in the Hebrew Bible. In fact, it’s now better known by another name.”

“What is it?”


“You’re talking about the seven deadly sins?” Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, the envy that ranks second among the seven deadly sins from the Catholic religion… the demon that represents it is Leviathan. I don’t know who the kid in the bathtub is or what she has to do with you, but her recent jealously must have been very severe. Otherwise, the Leviathan wouldn’t have targeted her. During the whole incubation process, the best nourishment for the hatchlings is jealousy. Each and every one of us is jealous of something. Just like when Jia Jia gave you her phone number, I envied your youth, strong body and handsome face …”

Suddenly, the uncle with beach pants lowered his head, staring at the fat that was surrounding his waist.

“…but such jealousy lasts only a short time. For the average person, it wouldn’t last more than a day or two, far from the amount required for incubation. So, Leviathan wouldn’t choose us as a vessel to hatch its eggs. The incubation process will not be completed if we are dead. Normally, it will only choose those who can complete the incubation process within three to five months.”

“Is the candy over there Leviathan’s egg?”

“Yes, not just candy, but technically anything as long as it could be swallowed into the stomach. Theoretically speaking, even a coin is fine, but more often, it appears in the form of food. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to 315 to report it,” the uncle shrugged. “The Leviathan was attracted to the host’s jealousy. When the egg is deposited into the host, it will further enhance their jealousy.”

“Thank you,” Zhang Heng said.

“You’re welcome. After all, you paid for the service.” The uncle with beach pants was unwilling to give in after knowing that Zhang Heng was rich in-game points. He then switched to another topic, his instincts as a merchant kicking in.

“Since you have so many points, why not consider our exclusive service? Before you say anything, I solemnly guarantee that you won’t regret trying it. What I’m about to propose is completely different from whatever you have experienced before. It is like a brand new adventure, and it is rare that Jia Jia is so interested in you. The last time I saw her so interested in someone was probably more than 20 years ago. Besides, let me tell you a secret…”

The uncle lowered his voice, looking around him at the same time. “Don’t tell anyone, but the player who brought Jia Jia out of the game didn’t get to sleep with her! Of course, everyone thought they both did it, but that’s just not true. The players aren’t the ones who get to choose. Jia Jia only sleeps with those she is interested in! You get what I mean, right? This is a very, very rare opportunity. I would say it’s easily more difficult than running for the president. Now, the president of the United States changes every four years. It took 20 years for Jia Jia to find someone she is interested in!”

“Uh… I am very grateful and honored that she is interested in me, but I think I am good for now,” Zhang Heng said.

After sending off the uncle with beach pants, Zhang Heng glanced at the watch on his wrist. There were only a few minutes left before the stroke of midnight. So, he stood there and waited until the world came to a pause before carrying Peng Jiating back to her residence. Zhang Heng put her on her bed after he entered her room.

Before he left, he walked to the desk and picked up a pencil.

“If you really care about your daughter, you should have noticed how neglected she has been. Love and care are not something that could be replaced with gifts each time you return from abroad. She’s unhappy when you’re away. I know that life is not easy. We all face our own challenges, but as a father, you need to do better. It’s your responsibility – from a friendly onlooker.”

After that, Zhang Heng slit the note in Peng Jiating’s father’s wallet. He turned off the lights, then left the house.