48 Hours a Day

Chapter 331 - Heart-throbbing First Love

Chapter 331 Heart-throbbing First Love

Zhang Heng always partook his new quests at Sex and the City. This was his first time visiting another game checkpoint. Only then did he notice that each checkpoint was styled very differently.

When it came to the atmosphere, the bartender lady’s checkpoint looked like a VIP lounge at an airport. It had a particularly seductive ambiance, and there were even scantily dressed women sitting on each deck. It’s decor also closely resembled a Japanese brothel, with dim lighting and psychedelic music.

“I have never seen you around, but you don’t look like a newcomer. You’re home for Chinese New Year, right? Can I help you with anything?” An uncle in beach pants stood up from behind the cash register, speaking to Zhang Heng with a cigarette in mouth. He seemed to be the only person in charge of this checkpoint. Zhang Heng could clearly see his face and the girls on the deck.

Worlds apart the bartender’s icy countenance, the uncle at this checkpoint was warm and friendly. He walked over, put his hand over Zhang Heng’s shoulder, and told solemnly, “Since it’s your first time here, allow me to introduce you to our special player care service – Heartthrobbing First Love.”

“This is an exclusive service that only our checkpoint offers. All you need to do is pay one game point for the service. You can see the beauties over there… extend your hand and say hello to them.”

The uncle gave Zhang Heng an encouraging stare, only to get no response. Not to be discouraged by his lack of interest, he patted Zhang Heng’s shoulder once again. The man’s enthusiastic taps caused his cigarette ash to fall on Zhang Heng’s shoulder.

“That’s right. I know there are certain things you can’t let go of. A lot of young people miss out on finding true love because of that. This is a game for the brave. Every round of the game, each quest you participate in, is filled with crises. As a player, you should enjoy it while you still can. When you’re about to kick the bucket, knowing that you haven’t even touched a girl’s hand is the last thing you want to think about, right? You also don’t want to die regretting you didn’t get to confess your love to the girl you liked. Perhaps then, you might just die a painful death with all that regret in your heart.”

The uncle was fully committed to his job, and it seemed whatever he said touched the softer parts of his heart. His eyes began to glisten with tears.

“The service we provide at our checkpoint is to help players solve this kind of frustration. You can see many ladies in front of you. You can choose your first love here. This is Cindy, and she is very mature.”

Soon after that, the girl named Cindy waved her hands at Zhang Heng.

“Bei Bei, your girl next door. Can you feel the sun shining on you?” The girl named Bei Bei popped the bubblegum in her mouth.

“Jia Jia… a true wildcat! She’s famous for her twerking. She’s my personal favorite. This one will definitely be your most memorable first love.”

“Before you say anything, I know what you’re thinking. Even if you’re an experienced lover and you have no regrets about your first love, our ladies can chat with you before you start your game. They will be with you through your most tormenting moments and help you adjust your mental state so you can cope with the next challenge. Trust me. Your one game point will definitely not be wasted.”

Zhang Heng finally found the opportunity to speak, “…actually, I am not here to play the game tonight.”

The uncle nodded, his face displaying an I-understand-you-expression.

“Since when did our place become so famous? Of course, you are most welcome to come and have fun with the ladies. It is impossible to take them out for the night, but our prices are…”

Zhang Heng had to interrupt the uncle to avoid the topic from going in a strange direction. “I’m here to trouble you to identify something for me.” He then took out the eye jewelry wrapped in two pieces of paper from his pocket.

“Identification. Oh, oh, oh… wait a minute!” The uncle returned to the cashier and squatted for a while. He then started to mutter, “Where’s that batch of tulewood boxes I just bought?”

The girl named Jia Jia took out a women’s cigarette and put it in her mouth. She then left the deck, walked to the cashier, and lit it up with a lighter. She paused for a while before talking to the uncle.

“Didn’t you throw those broken boxes of yours under the fourth deck?”

Blowing a puff of smoke at Zhang Heng, she looked toward him. “I like your watch. Here’s my number. You can ignore that idiot and contact me directly.”

“Hey, I heard that! What you are doing goes against our original agreement.” “Don’t be silly. We aren’t partners of any sort. You have to rely on my sisters to help you earn game points. They can live very well without you in an era where entertainment is everything.” The uncle with beach pants did not look very good after hearing what she said.

“You are so mean,” he muttered.

After that, he walked to Zhang Heng with a bag of tulewood boxes and took the gem from Zhang Heng.

“I have to deal with some things during the Spring Festival. You will only get the identification results after five days. Is that okay with you? Of course, you can pay double the game points and opt for the express service. If you go for that option, you can get it as soon as tomorrow night, but you will have to come and get it yourself.”

Zhang Heng’s lack of interest in the service seemed to disappoint the uncle. However, he handled his client’s request professionally as he saw a different opportunity presenting itself.

“The regular service is fine,” said Zhang Heng

Now that Tian Tian’s family’s problem was solved, this item was like a bonus to him. Since the matter was basically over now, there was no need to rush it.

“Okay, here’s my business card. If you need any services in this city, you can always call me.” After that, the uncle winked at Zhang Heng again. “Of course, you can contact me too if you change your mind.”

“That will not happen, I’m afraid.”

Zhang Heng accepted the card and left the game checkpoint.

After walking around for a while, making sure that no one was tailing him, Zhang Heng turned in the right direction and returned home. He gingerly opened the door and went straight to bed. The next morning, Zhang Heng was awoken by the buzzing of the soymilk machine. He washed his face and came out with a toothbrush in his mouth. Grandpa had already set the fried sugar cakes and Youtiao on the table. At the same time, a steaming batch of soy milk was ready as well.

“Your parents will be home tonight. After we finish putting up the Spring Festival couplets this morning, we can go pay the supermarket a visit in the afternoon. Is there anything we need at home?”

“It’s okay. I think you have prepared enough. In fact, our fridge is packed to the brim. Even if the world ends now, the food in there is enough to last all four of us a month,” Zhang Heng said while brushing his teeth.

“Your grandmother’s always said that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Oh yeah… I almost forgot. M beans, your mother’s loved them since she was a kid. She could eat at least three packs every Chinese New Year. I will buy some later.”

“Grandpa… she is 44.”

“So what, in my eyes, she’ll always be a child.”