48 Hours a Day

Chapter 270 - It’s Not Me, I Didn’t Do It, Don’t Accuse Me

The plasticine wall erected by Ma Wei’s imposter wouldn’t stop the creature for too long. Right now, she and Shen Xixi were running for their lives toward the parking lot. Earlier, Wang Yu had sent a message to Shen Xixi and told her to meet up there. Though Shen Xixi placed most of her attention to the monster, that did not mean she had stopped thinking about other stuff. After running for a while, imposter noticed Shen Xixi constantly glancing at her.

“Just ask what you want to ask. I might not answer you anyway,” said the imposter while gasping for breath.

“I’m sorry. The incident at the auction center has spread around the entire circle of players. Everyone is on high alert. Still, many players fell into that trap, especially members of the three major factions. The victims reported that they would always find a small pile of plasticine beside them.”

Shen Xixi paused for a while, then continued,

“As of now, the three major factions have come up with a large amount of money as a reward to whoever that can provide the crook’s whereabouts.”

“It’s not me. I didn’t do it. Don’t simply accuse


Ma Wei’s imposter quickly denied all the allegations. Now, she was more cautious when she talked.

“Did you tell others about my ability to use plasticine? I did it to save you, you know?” “No. I won’t tell anybody about it, but are you still going to do what you do? The three major factions are mighty, and sooner or later, they will find out about you. I also think that it’s better if you return the Dreamland of Death to them. A B-grade game item will bring you a lot of trouble.” “I told you that I’m not the one who did it! That woman is causing all kinds of trouble everywhere. Why am I the one to take the blame?! I have never seen this Dreamland of Death before. There’s nothing for me to return!”

“That woman?”

Ma Wei’s imposter had no intention of explaining any further. “Anyway, all you need to know is that I’ve nothing to do with that woman. Err… wait. She has something to do with me. She was the one who caused me to be banned from the game.”

Shen Xixi always wanted to ask about her relationship with Zhang Heng, but something unexpected happened suddenly. The left part of the wall in front of them started melting.

“Go to Qinsi Block now. I will lure it there,” replied Shen Xixi.

“Where is Qinsi Block? I’m not from your university, hey?”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Follow me. This way!”

Shen Xixi grabbed the imposter’s hand and headed in a different direction. At that moment, the imposter was already showing signs of exhaustion. It seemed that the monster didn’t want them to leave the university. Hence, it paid extra attention to the exit. However, there was still some distance between the parking lot and the exit, and seeing the two running toward Qinsi Block, the monster went after them as well.

Shen Xixi ran in a big circle and charged toward the parking lot while the monster jumped from one wall to another. It was actually a brilliant plan, and there was nothing wrong with it. However, Shen Xixi hadn’t considered the imposter’s durability. If only she had witnessed how the imposter huffed and puffed as she ran earlier, she would surely have wondered how someone could have such weak stamina.

Earlier, when the imposter ran towards Qinsi Block, her mind was so jumbled that she couldn’t make out which direction she was supposed to take. She had to rely on Shen Xixi to guide her on the right path. Seeing that they were almost at their destination, the imposter was shocked to discover that the path she just took was just a warm-up run. There was still a very long way to go.

The imposter’s stamina had almost depleted completely, and she could no longer lift her legs to continue running. She squatted on the ground and clutched her chest with both hands.

“I can’t run anymore! I can’t run anymore! Just leave me here and go.”

Shen Xixi didn’t know what to do anymore. After all, the imposter was a full-grown woman, impossible to be carried like how Zhang Heng took her on his shoulder. Considering that the imposter had rescued her once, she would definitely not leave her here to die. As they stopped running, the monster had caught up to them. Suddenly, they saw a beam of bright light coming from a car.

Wang Yu and his black Mercedes were finally here! There were only 30 meters between them. Some time ago, an outsider hit a girl from the university, resulting in a massive fight between the driver and the students. Ever since the accident, the university had prohibited cars from driving inside the university. They even added two metal pillars on the path that connected the parking lot to the university. University teachers and staff were no exception as well. After parking their vehicles in the lot, they had to walk to the office or classes.

However, these two metal pillars didn’t stop Wang Yu from rescuing Shen Xixi. Once he saw that she was in grave danger, he wasted no time drove his modified Mercedes up on the sidewalk. By doing that, he managed to bypass the metal pillars. At the same time, Shen Xixi quickly dragged the imposter to the side. In the end, the black Mercedes crashed head-on into the pile of black goo.

To their surprise, the Mercedes was dented severely at its front. The black liquid managed to change form from liquid to solid, which meant that the car had just hit a hard wall. From the powerful impact, a large spiderweb of cracks could be seen on the wall. However, they soon disappeared, and the wall looked as good as new. Before the collision, Wang Yu had bravely jumped out of the car and wasn’t injured.

He then quickly stood up after he rolling on the ground for a bit. With his precious car destroyed, Wang Yu became really upset.

“This is ridiculous! How can we kill it?”

“Melee attacks are useless against it. We need to figure out its weakness as soon as possible. We tried our best to look for information about this creature’s background. Unfortunately, it was fruitless. That means this creature isn’t as powerful as we think it is. It has to have some kind of weakness, regardless.”

Seeing that the wall had started melting again, Ma Wei’s imposter put on a bitter smile.

“The weakness of a concrete wall? It has to be a tractor.”

Previously, all Wang Yu could think was to save the woman in front of him in the coolest way possible. Undeniably, the way he showed up was awe-inspiring. However, he began to regret what he just did. All the while, he wasn’t too happy with Shen Xixi dealing with these supernatural threats. The game quests were already dangerous enough, and now, Shen Xixi wanted to help the real world as well.

Any ordinary person would pray that they would never have to come across something like this. Even though players like them knew more about the world they lived in and even possessing game items that could help them, they were still human beings. It was extremely risky for them to handle such threats of unearthly origins.

However, Shen Xixi had a good reputation in the team, and most of her teammates would usually agree with whatever decision she made. Even if Wang Yu wasn’t happy with the arrangement, he could only keep it for himself. Besides, he had always been fond of her. If they wanted to defeat this monster, there were countless pros and cons to be considered.