48 Hours a Day

Chapter 265 - Is This Necessary?

Chapter 265 Is This Necessary?

“Just a friend? Based on the assistance I provided you with, that girl didn’t see you as a normal friend.”

After a while, something crossed her mind, and Ma Wei’s imposter started to take pleasure in Zhang Heng’s misfortune. “Oh. Now I know why you won’t fall in love with her. You are worried that it might become a long-distance relationship once she returns to her country, just like the couple from the movie, Raincoat. They both loved each other a lot, but they were forced to watch each other marry someone they didn’t truly love. After going their separate ways, they could only see the raincoats that they gifted to each other to reminisce on the sweet memories buried deep within their hearts…” Zhang Heng tapped on the woman’s shoulder and pointed at the well-lit building in front of her.

“Do you know what that place is?”

“Yeah. I know what that place is. That’s a 24-hour grocery store.” “All I need to do is to spend two RMB to buy some duct tape, and I’ll be able to enjoy silence once again.”

Zhang Heng brought Ma Wei’s imposter to the edge of a large field. Usually, the place would be open at six in the morning until ten at night. However, since the final exams were over, and most students had returned to their hometowns, the field closed earlier than usual. This didn’t stop Zhang Heng from entering it, though. Using his student card, he slipped into the crack of the door of the office and attempted to break in.

“I never expected you to be this sort of person. It appears you’re not as noble as you make yourself out to be. From what I’m seeing, you must have done a lot of unethical stuff in your university.”

Zhang Heng didn’t bother explaining himself to the woman. He had learned these skills with the extra 24 hours that he had every day, and most of the time, he was a law-abiding citizen. It was rare that he would break any rule set by the university as well.

After fiddling with the card for a while, Zhang Heng managed to enter the office, grabbing the key that opened the fence that guarded the field. Once they walked past the entrance, the woman calmly took a good look at her surroundings. “Is this field new? Looks like a good place to me. Speaking of which, I have a friend who studies at your university as well. Some time ago, she even brought me to taste the cafeteria’s famous braised chicken.”

Zhang Heng wasn’t interested in her babbling and brought her to a wall located on the west side of the field. It appeared that there wasn’t a soul around them right now. Situated opposite the field was the three-story university gym, and at this hour, all its lights were off. A residential area was directly beyond the wall, and its residents could see the field clearly. However, since the two were standing below the tall wall, it was considered a blind spot. Now that Zhang Heng locked the gate leading to the field, it was practically impossible for the woman to pull any tricks on him. “Is this even necessary?”

As a gust of frigid wind blew at Ma Wei’s imposter, she couldn’t help but shudder in the cold. It was hard for her to keep pretending she didn’t have a care in this world now that she was in a semi-enclosed space with Zhang Heng. From what she saw, no one would come to her rescue if something awful were to befall her. Besides, the field was surrounded by darkness, an entirely different environment from where she was earlier. Previously, she wasn’t worried that Zhang Heng would’ve hurt her. Right now, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

After a short while, the woman attempted to negotiate with Zhang Heng.

“Oy! Let me go, and I will give you a game item. What say you?”

“So, you are a player as well?”

“I’m not a player, but I used to be one. Due to personal reasons, I’m not allowed to enter the quests anymore.” “Huh?”

The woman, however, had no intention to dwell on the topic. Zhang Heng guessed the reason for her banning had something to do with the auction incident some time ago. All the while, Zhang Heng had felt that the mysterious woman’s godlike metamorphosis skills were too overbearing. Not only did she manage to fool the leaders of four factions, but she even managed to cheat the software. It was as if she was a bug in the system. Until now, he still couldn’t figure out how she did it.

“You’re such a mean person! You’re the one who spoiled my plan first! I admit that I pulled a prank on you when I saw you at the shopping mall. I even went as far as helping you impress your Japanese girlfriend. The way she looked at you when you came after me… it was nothing short of amazing. Hehe! As a girl, I can tell you that you’ve managed to capture her heart. It’s time to move on, bro.”

Ma Wei’s imposter gave Zhang Heng’s shoulder a pat as she talked to him. Nevertheless, even after the awkward bout of laughter, she noticed that he showed no reaction at all.

“I’m really curious. Other than lies, what are you made up of? I know that you had your eyes on me since I was at the pharmacy. You’ve been plotting against me ever since, right?” Zhang Heng said.

“What pharmacy? I rented a Kumamon outfit on that day, and I spent my entire day at the shopping mall. Well… I did go to a couple of shopping malls that day, as a matter of fact. When I saw you and your girlfriend at the Xidan mall, I bought her a rose. After that, some asshole came to mess with me. Oh right, where’s the Kumamon costume? I paid 200 RMB as a deposit. I’ll need it back.”

Even Zhang Heng had to admit that lying was indeed a talent. When the average person told a lie, their bodies would typically make small and subconscious movements that would give them away. However, lying seemed to come naturally as eating and drinking to the woman. Zhang Heng failed to spot any flaws from the way she behaved. She wasn’t that old anyway, so how could she have so quickly mastered the fine art of deception? Could she have practiced it since she was a kid? Was she a pathological liar?

Just as Zhang Heng was about to say something, the same sensation he had at that pharmacy of someone spying on him surged through his body again. This time, he could sense the evil intent behind it. As for the imposter, she was still staring at him innocently.

Suddenly, Zhang Heng extended his hand, seeming as if he was about to grab her chest. The woman was terrified this time, on the verge of screaming out loud. Seconds later, he rudely grabbed her shirt by the collar and pulled her abruptly toward him. “Brother! I have HIV!!!”

Unable to hold back any longer, she screamed as loud as she could. Right before the two collided into each other, Zhang Heng let her go, and she fell hard on the running track. The skin on her palms was grazed when she used them to support herself. She then took in a deep breath.

She winced in pain, and there was a tear in her eye. “Fuc… are you sick in the head?! It looks like you’re addicted to torturing people, you sadist!”

It was then when she saw something terrifying. The solid wall that she stood beside earlier began to melt like chocolate under a flame.