Chapter 264 You Should Wait Here

When she was posed with the critical question, Ma Wei’s imposter refused to utter a word, adamantly refusing to answer Zhang Heng. At the same time, his body and face were changing as well. Within ten seconds, she transformed from Ma Wei to the girl in the toilet last night. Some physical traits of hers had changed too. The tattoo on her arm was gone, and the purple wig and fake eyelashes were no longer on her. Given a choice, she would have definitely not revealed her true self. There could be only one explanation to her transformation then – a limited time for her disguise.

Was it some game item? Zhang Heng wasn’t sure. When one received a game item in the quest, the system would typically send the player a notification. Back in the real world, however, a player would not receive any notifications. However, a person could only carry so many things at one time, and Zhang Heng would be able to identify the game item if he carefully checked them one by one.

A game item that enabled the player morph into a completely different person within a limited time. A piece with such caliber would be at least C-grade, able to be sold for thousands of game points during an auction. Previously, when Zhang Heng got pranked by the Kumamon at the mall, he suddenly felt that the method the mascot had used was awfully familiar. Now, he finally remembered where that feeling came from.

In between the third and fourth round of the game, Zhang Heng had some free time and attended a year-end auction. Other than getting to know different players and gathering information, he managed to purchase the Paris Arrow and Shadow Key. He even got to witness a dramatic event unfold before him right before the auction ended.

The mysterious lady with shades who entered the auction center managed to make a fool out of some influential individuals. After that, she went as far as to spend a whopping 100,000 game points to purchase the only B-grade game item auctioned that night – the Dreamland of Death. The method she used to fool the three significant factions was similar to that of the woman standing in front of Zhang Heng

Even though their looks, age, and sizes differed from each other, there was a strong possibility that the two were actually the same person, considering that their morphing skills were similar. Even if they were separate individuals, there must be a particular connection between them. However, this had nothing much to do with Zhang Heng. Even if he could prove that the person in front of him had something to do with that mysterious woman from the auction, he had no intention to stick his nose into what happened there.

Zhang Heng had, in fact, grown more cautious about the woman after all that. After she made a scene at the auction, she managed to successfully flee the place unscathed. Zhang Heng was now worried that the woman or her allies were still holding a weapon of mass destruction, one like the Dreamland of Death.

Things were beginning to get more complicated, and Zhang Heng extended his arms again to search the imposter. Suddenly, he thought of something, and his fingers stopped midair.

“What’s wrong? Finally remembered that I’m a lady, huh?” asked the Ma Wei’s imposter with her eyes blinking.

Zhang Heng suddenly asked her a random question. “What would have happened if I collided with the bicycle just now?”.

“It doesn’t really matter anymore. It didn’t happen anyway. What a shame. I was waiting for a good show.”

“I don’t care what evil plans you have in mind, but I believe that it would have activated the moment I collided with the bicycle. In other words, you might have other traps on you, triggered once when I touch your body. That’s why you weren’t nervous even after I captured you. With your morphing abilities, you knew that I would definitely search your body. By that time, the second trap would be triggered, and you’d once again flee without a trace.”

“Must you always be this careful? Your life must be boring as hell.”

“Of course. Now that you realize that there’s no way out, you’re putting on a show to confidently bluff your way out. Perhaps you’re attempting to draw me into thinking that you have an ace up your sleeve. You did this to stop me from searching your body.”

“Which outcome do you think would happen?”

“We shall know soon.”

Zhang Heng glanced at his watch just as Ma Wei’s imposter was trying to swallow what he said. One hour and forty minutes were left before midnight. Once the hands of the clock stacked on each other, Zhang Heng would get to enjoy his extra 24 hours. By that time, he would have enough time to study the fake Ma Wei and the items she possessed.

“Since you don’t want to turn yourself into a murderer and kill me, not to mention that you didn’t dare to search me as well, does that mean I can leave now?” “If I let you go, will you cause me trouble again?”

“Of course not. It’s pointless anyway. You are such a boring person. Even if you stepped into my snare, you’re not going to react. I should look for others instead.”

“Great. Wait here.”


Zhang Heng had no intention to let down his guard. However, he did move the screwdriver away from her neck. On the other hand, the imposter was still attempting to figure out how to escape the situation, intently looking at her surroundings to find a way out. Suddenly, she came up with an idea when she saw two people coming out of the study room.

Just as she was about to call out Zhang Heng as a pervert, she felt an excruciating pain stabbing her stomach. Zhang Heng pulled his arm back and moved away from the woman. “Baby, are you okay? I told you not to overeat the spicy hotpot, didn’t I? Let’s go to the hospital now, eh?” said Zhang Heng while squatting down in front of her. When the two boys saw the woman clutching her stomach as she crouched down, they thought something terrible had happened to her and instantly approached to see if they could lend a hand. However, being single guys, they were a little disappointed when they heard overhead the conversation between ‘the couple.’ Knowing that there was no chance to be knights in shining armor, they had no intention to linger around. After looking at her face, they felt the major predicament of every single man in the world hitting them hard. Why was it always somebody worse always getting the pretty girls? Why did the pretty girls never notice them?

Ma Wei’s imposter was in so much pain that she couldn’t close both of her legs. At the same time, she gave Zhang Heng a thumbs up. Zhang Heng noticed that it wasn’t safe for him to keep waiting here. After all, the dorms were just above him. Although few were still in the university right now, students that couldn’t return to their hometowns would sometimes hang around the area. “Let’s go. We need to go somewhere else.”

“Shi… how did an asshole like you manage to get a cute Japanese girlfriend?”

Ma Wei’s imposter rubbed her stomach vigorously as she talked to him. The fact that he still clutched her hand tightly to make sure that she wouldn’t escape had made her really angry. “Stand up straight if you can walk. And Hayase Asuka is no more than a friend.”