48 Hours a Day

Chapter 187 - Preparation

“So you’re just going to this slide?” asked the Skeleton’s crew to Wilton.

“Let it slide? I have been venturing the seas for 20 years now. No one has ever had the guts to talk to me like that! He threatened me and forced me to spit out our plunder, our rightful loot! If I let this matter slide, no one in this city will respect us anymore. No one will fear us when we ply the oceans!” Wilton growled with a murderous stare.

“Will we be breaking the island’s rules if we attack them right here? Aren’t you the one who told us that there are many powerful pirates here? I believe the ship that paralyzed us is Black Prince Sam’s Quidah. I heard that they have a large number of pirates as well, not to mention that they seemed to be fearless.

“Don’t get our priorities wrong, Rhodes. This is not our territory. It was only due to someone asking us to take care of the woman that we came all the way to Nassau. We weren’t even supposed to be here for too long. I don’t care what you’re going to do. I need you to help fix the ship as soon as possible. The day the Skeleton sails again will be the day I kill that bloody guy and everyone he knows! I will cut off their heads and toss them around the city center! May that serve as a fine warning to whoever that messes around with me! After it is done, we will leave the island right away.”

“Roger that, captain.”


On the other side, Carina looked at Zhang Heng in excitement, never expecting him to make it back to Nassau in time and coming to her rescue. The moment he appeared in front of her, she knew that all her problems were solved. Not only did he save the entire crew of the Gentle Breeze, but he also managed to return her the ship and all its cargo.

It was at that time that Carina realized how much the Jackdaw meant to her. Though she managed to do her job well when Zhang Heng was away, she was in constant fear. However, all that insecurity disappeared the moment he came back. She had faith that the man standing before her could solve every problem she faced.

Ever since she came to Nassau, she felt like she was living amongst a pack of hyenas and was forced and was forced to be vigilant at all times to survive. Only when Zhang Heng was around her could she finally take a breather. Although they had not known each other for a long time, Carina felt she could fully trust Zhang Heng no matter what the situation would be.

She bounced excitedly in front of Zhang Heng, staring at him with sparkling eyes.

“We can talk later if you have something to tell me. Right now, I need you to send some of your men to watch over Wilton. Come update me immediately if you think something’s not right,” Zhang Heng told her.

Meanwhile, Honegg returned to the beach after hearing cannons being fired. Earlier, Wilton promised him that he would never fire them in Nassau. At first, Honegg thought that Wilton must have broken his promise. He instantly stormed back to the beach with his people, also instructing one of them to bring more of his men to the beach.

When he was halfway there, Honegg realized that, in fact, the Skeleton was the victim here.

“Did you fire at the Skeleton?” Honegg demanded when he met Zhang Heng.

“I don’t think we broke any rules, right? All I did was help Ms. Carina get back whatever belonged to her.”

“You guys attacked a ship docked at Nassau’s without permission! I don’t think I need to tell you how serious this matter is. If I don’t punish you right here, right now, I’m afraid that the ships at our port would no longer be safe!”

“We attacked an unidentified ship docked at our port. They also robbed our black-market merchant, not to mention directly firing at Nassau only 15 minutes ago. Technically speaking, we are helping to defend the island.”

“Do you really think I can’t tell the two apart?!”

“Well. We really did help the island eliminate a threat. Erm. That was actually my idea. I didn’t like the newcomers, being so arrogant and all the moment they set foot on our lands. That’s why Captain Zhang and I decided to teach them a lesson. We simply want them to learn how to obey the rules. We even saved you from the incident repeating itself if they were to come again,” Black Prince Sam chipped in after tying his small boat to a pole on the beach.

“I’m just curious. Is there anything that you are not involved in on this island? Should I propose that you take over my position during our next meeting? You can help with the defense and maintaining the order of this island. I might as well go back to sea and become a captain again. Speaking of which, I have haven’t set sail for almost seven years now. You know, I’m actually starting to miss the life out there. Although the food on a ship ain’t that good, at least I don’t have to deal with shit like this every single day!”

“I don’t think anyone on this island can replace you. People here respect you, Mr. Honegg. Your reputation alone is enough to make everyone on this island bow down to your wishes.”

“I highly doubt that.”

Honegg harrumphed and glared at Zhang Heng again. For the sake of Black Prince Sam, Honegg did not pursue the matter any further. Before he left, he gave Zhang Heng a warning.

“I don’t care about whatever quarrel you have with the black-market alliance. I hope that both parties can practice some self-control. Resolve the matter while abiding by every law of the island. I do not wish to see this ever happening again!”

Zhang Heng nodded and watched Honegg walking away. Before Black Prince Sam could say anything, Zhang Heng interrupted him.

“Leave this matter to me. Your Quidah has helped enough. I’m afraid that your relationship with the black-market alliance might be affected if you continue associating with me.”

“I merely trade with them. I do not work for Malcolm. But, it seems like you have a plan in mind anyway. If that is so, I will not disturb you anymore. You can look for me any time you need my help. My men will tell you where I am.”

Zhang Heng thanked him with a warm handshake. After Black Prince Sam left, Zhang Heng and Anne started to work on what they would do next. First, they visited one of their old friends, Baal, an arms dealer in Nassau. Half an hour later, Zhang Heng purchased everything that he needed, and Carina’s most trusted worker delivered the items to the reef. Another hour soon passed, and Anne covertly arrived with another 40 pirates from the Jackdaw.