48 Hours a Day

Chapter 140 - Boatswain

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Anne was baffled. Ever since she came to this island, nothing had gone her way. She had been turned down from so many jobs that even the kids on the streets knew about it.

A while ago, she came across Harry and his other bratty friends betting on her getting a job before Nassau was destroyed. In a rage, she pinned him to the ground and began to hit him, not stopping until the boy cried out for his parents. Walking away, she kept thinking about it, making her even angrier. So, she turned around, stormed back, and gave Harry another round of beating.

That was how Harry came to be the first person in Nassau who got bashed twice in three minutes. Since then though, he had become utterly enlightened–he finally recognized whose fist was bigger and who was wearing the pants. Beaten to submission, he threw himself at Anne’s feet and became her first disciple.

Anne suspected that this could be another game from some bored idiot to amuse her. She was already in a fit, thanks to Jamie, and now that she was going to explode, the promise she made was the last thing on her mind. Anne started to storm towards the pier, rolling up her sleeves as she went along, but suddenly stopped in her tracks as if she thought of something.

James, having clearly never heard of Harry’s tragic story, followed closely behind the red-haired maiden to see what was going on. But the next thing he knew, he received a heavy blow to his lower abdomen as Harry watched on sympathetically. Anne’s flying kick sent him tumbling down into the field. It hurt so bad that he curled up into a ball, rocking back and forth.

Anne withdrew her leg, with all the weight of depression falling off her shoulders. Now, she felt better and more alive. She stretched her wrists and ankles before telling Harry who had been watching with awe, “Lead the way!”

The two of them rushed to the pier, and from afar, Anne could see the naval frigate that Harry had just told her about. Since it docked, it garnered the interest of a curious many who came to the pier to steal a glance.

Anne had to admit that the ship looked quite handsome. She must have only been recently completed by the Royal Navy. Having spent only a short time afloat, she was already stolen. The ship had a very elegant and streamlined hull, and the vital parts were wrapped in metal plates providing it with extra protection during combat. Of course, the most eye-catching feature of the frigate were the rows of cannons lining its sides.

Although Nassau was known for its wealthy pirates, most had outdated equipment, like the famous Edward Teach for example. His Sea Lion was just a modified merchant ship that had been armed with 9 and 12-pounder artillery. By comparison, this warship before her eyes was equipped with 24-pound artillery!

Harry, who was just as awestruck, wiped the drool off the corners of his lips. “This is so cool… it’s every man’s fantasy!”

Anne was about to agree with him but instantly changed her tune when she thought about how the captain of this ship might take too much pleasure in the compliment. “Hmph, if I could go out to sea, I could easily steal a ship that’s even greater than this.”

“No way.”

For the first time, Harry did not succumb to the possibility of him getting beaten up. He simply shook his head and said, “She’s simply too perfect. It would so awesome if I could be on her too. I don’t mind even if I have to scrub her down everyday. It’s enough for me to brag for the rest of my life.”

Unlike Anne, this was not his first time seeing the ship, but he still found himself mesmerized by it. “How did these guys manage to do it? There’s not a single scratch on her. It’s weird. This is a naval frigate! Maybe the entire crew died from a plague or something.”

This time, Anne did not answer. This frigate may be great, but it had nothing to do with her. After kicking James, she was now ready to beat others up. She had been holding herself back for so many days; she urgently needed to vent her ongoing anger. Anne looked at Harry and asked, “Where are they?”

Harry came along, excited to see Anne beating the pirates up. Now, he had second thoughts. “Boss Anne, just forget it. It’s all just a huge joke. If they managed to steal this ship, they are probably not people we want to offend.”

Anne replied, “Then, all the more for us to show them that they shouldn’t mess with the islanders!” She paused for a moment and said earnestly to her companion, “Harry, you must remember that bullying the weak and fearing the strong is the classic behavior of the genuinely weak. Only those who constantly challenge the strong can be considered as truly strong!”

“That sounds remarkably reasonable,” Harry said admiringly. After a while, he asked her again, almost in a whisper this time, “Boss Anne, then what about hitting me, somebody whose only twelve years old?”

“Oh, that. I hit you purely because you need a good beating. That has nothing to do with you being strong or weak.”


As Anne patiently answered Harry’s questions, she also found her target. Not far away on the beach, were a group of people standing in a circle. Although it was not as crowded as when the Sea Lion was recruiting, it was still bustling and teeming with people. It would appear that this group of people were busy hiring for help.

It looked like good news. That meant they were shorthanded.

Anne licked her lips, a cunning smile playing on her lips. She turned to Harry and said, “Wait here. I’ll go teach them a lesson they will never forget!”

Harry never planned to go there anyway, having already found himself a place to hide. Before he could even answer her, he saw a hand rest on the top of her red hair. Harry groaned silently, thinking that surely, it was over for that person. Last time, he was only just making bets on her for three pieces of copper and she gave him two consecutive beatings. It was so brutal that just thinking about him sent shivers down his spine.

The person who had just touched her was going to be dead meat.

Unsurprisingly, Anne blew a fuse, raising her arm in anticipation for a fight. But when she turned around, her first stopped dead midair. “Ah, it’s you. When did you get back?! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I told the kid to go find you once I’ve docked. Why? Didn’t you two meet?” asked Zhang Heng.

Harry’s mouth hung wide open. He recognized the man now. He was the one who sent him to get Anne. What he did not understand was Anne’s reaction. She suddenly appeared flushed and panicked, much like the times when he had done wrong and his parents caught him.

Zhang Heng asked her, “If you didn’t meet the person I sent to find you, why are you here then?”

“I… I was just going for a walk…” she said, her voice thick with guilt.

“Then why are your sleeves rolled up like that?” Zhang Heng asked. Thank goodness he did not dwell on it. “Anyway, it’s good that you’re here so I won’t have to look for you. Come onboard the ship and meet the others.”

“Ship… others?” Anne looked puzzled.

“Yeah, aren’t you the Jackdaw’s boatswain? We can’t have you not knowing anyone, can we?”