48 Hours a Day

Chapter 129 - Queen Anne’s Revenge

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The pirates pushed Zhang Heng to the military restaurant. During the war, Zhang Heng’s incredible shooting skill had managed to impress many, especially the last shot. It was enough to turn the tide around. That was why every single pirate now had massive respect for him. When the war was over, they wanted to head to the bar with him and drink with him. Even Marvin was asked to drink with them as well. They wanted to know how did he use his teeth to kill the soldier that attempted to kill him. All these while, Marvin was not a popular guy on the ship. After the war, the pirates on the Sea Lion changed the way they treated him. Marvin was elated when two pirates put their hands on his shoulders.

While they were on their way to the restaurant, they crossed paths with Orff. For a moment, all of them were worried that Orff might reprimand them. After all, there were still a lot of things to do after the battle was over. Every pirate was tasked with a different task. Logically speaking, it was not the right time to head to the restaurant to have a drink to celebrate victory.

To everyone’s surprise, Orff did not scold anyone. Instead, he nodded at Zhang Heng and said, “Good job!”

They then cheered for him and continued to head towards the restaurant. Orff told them to finish their task after the celebration. Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him. Few of those that heard him pretended they did not hear him. Orff shook his head and knocked at the captain’s door.

“Come in.”

“The prisoners are being transferred to the Sea Lion batch by batch with small boats. Owen is there helping with recruiting potential men that are willing to join us. Right now, we need someone that knows how to use the cannon on board. Considering that we now have 90 cannons. And, the guy is locked inside the carpenter’s room. To be honest with you, I thought you would kill him just now.”

“Do you really think that I’m the kind of person that can’t see the bigger picture?”

The man with a black beard was still wearing the coat that was tainted by blood during the war just now. His arm was bleeding, but he did not look for the doctor to treat his wound. It seemed like he did not mind blood was coming from the injury. He then took out two glasses from the drawer and poured some red wine into them.

“The culprit of that incident is still alive. As compared to him, Elmer is a nobody. We cannot stop just yet. Knowing Elmer is an accomplice, I will make sure to make him pay for what he has done. I promise you.”

Orff took the wine and continued the conversation.

“It’s been 14 years, and we are finally here. To be honest with you, I was thinking of giving up the whole thing for a few years. I thought all hope was lost. Right now, Belmont is the last person on the list. Our mission is coming to an end soon. I’m not that young anymore. Once this thing is over, I’m planning to retire. I want to look for a place with no people around me. I would love to do some fishing and gardening after I retire. How about you? What’s your plan? Does Miss Agnes still write to you?”

The man with a black beard was left speechless.

“You and I should know better. Once we choose this patch, there’s no way for us to turn back. Isn’t that right? Orff. If civilization fails to bring me justice, I will use brute force to destroy it.”

“Haha. This is what you would say. Let me walk this final journey with you.”

Orff lifted the glass, bottomed up the wine, and stood up.

“For now, the morale on our ship is quite good. The Frazer that I know is not going to give up this easily. That old bastard is like a venomous snake. He is now hiding from us. Once we show our weaknesses, he would not hesitate to bite us.”

“You are the helmsman of this ship. I’m pretty sure that you will help us to deal with this threat, right?”

“I will try my best. Just like before, you are in charge of combat, and I will deal with the pirates on our ship. I can’t imagine what will happen to you if I leave this ship.”

Orff shrugged and walked toward the door, and thought of something suddenly.

“Oh, right! I almost forgot an important matter. We should give this ship a new since it now belongs to us!”

“A name? Let’s call her Queen Anne’s Revenge.”

The black beard man’s eyes were burning with passion, but his tone was extremely calm.

“Sounds good. I like the game. Enjoy the victory for now, Teach. I will deal with the rest of the matter.”

After that, Orff left the captain’s room and closed the door before him.


Zhang Heng had lost count of how many glasses of beer he had drunk. Luckily the alcohol content in that beer that he had drunk was not that high. Every single pirate was celebrating the miraculous victory. A total of 170 pirates had miraculously taken down a battleship with 700 hundred people on it. After the battle, they had captured a total of 400 people. No one would believe in it if they did not see it with their own eyes. A tale like this was enough to talk about it over and over again in a tavern. With this battleship, they could now dominate the sea. In other words, they could rob whoever they want with a 100% success rate.

Usually, pirates could never sit still. After they finished their drink, most of them wanted to check out this battleship. Through voting, they had decided to let Elmer’s band stay here. These poor musicians were forced to walk with the pirates and play the song of victory at the same time. Before this, they would play popular songs from the aristocrats. Unfortunately, all those pirates did not like those popular songs. This was not their first time being forced to play something fun and exciting. It was hard for the musicians to watch their works of art being tainted. However, when they saw the pirates waving their sabers in front of them, they knew that they had to put down their egos and do what they asked.

“I can’t imagine that we did it!”

A cannoneer was touching a 24-pound cannon that was located on the second deck.

“With this thing, I can destroy everything that comes in our way.”

“Be careful, Bill. Only a real man can handle such a big thing,” said an old cannoneer.

Immediately, everyone laughed at Bill.

“I can’t wait to shoot some ships with this cannon! Imagine the reaction of those merchant ships that cross paths with us. I’m starting to feel sorry for them.”

“Why did you guys stop playing the music? Did I ask you guys to stop?”

“I’m the one that asked them to stop.”

Orff strolled towards the crowd slowly.